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Yukon Point 56mm binocular

Yukon Point premium quality
roof prism binoculars

Top quality European binoculars that competes with the best German brands. Waterproof (IPx7), nitrogen purged, excellent edge-to-edge clarity and twilight performance.

Now you can own a top quality European optic from as little as $349. Superb quality, guaranteed.

8x42 $349 / 10x42 $369
$449 / 10x56 $469 / 15x56 $489

Pulsar Digisight N770A Digital Night Vision Riflescope

Pulsar N550 Digisight

Pulsar Forward DN55 Digital Night Vision Attachment

Pulsar Forward DSFA75

Pulsar Quantum HD50s Thermal Imager

Pulsar Quantum HD50s

Latest model with new features. The N770A replaces our discontinued N750.

Turn your daylight rifle scope into a night vision scope! The DN55 replaces the discontinued DFA75

The latest addition to our popular thermal image cameras, with a human detection range of ≤1500m.

Available September 2014

Pulsar Apex XD38 and XD50 thermal riflescope

Pulsar Apex HD38
  • 384x288 a-Si UFPA
  • 50Hz refresh rate
  • 38mm f/l lens
  • 50mm f/l lens
  • 2x zoom
  • Black hot/white hot
  • Manual, semi auto, and auto calibration modes
  • High fidelity OLED display
  • Wide range of brightness and contrast settings
  • External/internal power
  • Video-out socket
  • One-shot zeroing
  • Choice of reticles
  • 3 Point of impact memory
  • Lightweight and compact.

New products for 2014
Pulsar Recon X870 Pro digital night vision monocular - available now
Yukon Sentinel 2.5x50L night vision riflescope - available now
Pulsar Quantum HD19S/HD38S thermal imager - available now
Pulsar Forward DN55 digital night vision front attachment with monocular - available now
Yukon Stringer 3.5x42 digital night vision recorder - available now
Pulsar Forward DN55 pro adapter ring sets - available now
Pulsar Quantum HD50S thermal image camera - available now
Pulsar Digisight N770A digital night vision riflescope - available August
Yukon Photon XT digital night vision rifle scope
Pulsar Digisight LRF N870 - available August
Pulsar Core FHD50 multi-purpose thermal imaging system - available Jan 2015

High-end civilian and military night vision and thermal imaging equipment

ANV-HD45-ULTRA Gen3+/4 night vision systems More info

Autogated, P-45 white phosphor Generation 3+ (Gen4) night vision optics with a figure-of-merit up to 2000.

These are the best Gen3+ / 4 night vision systems available, and ideal for all civilian and defence users.

Exclusive to Archetype Precision Systems Limited. International sales subject to New Zealand Government Export Controls.

GUIDIR Thermal Imaging systems More info

Cooled and uncooled thermal image cameras for civilian and defense applications. Our systems are suitable for transport, maritime, searching, surveillance, law enforcement, defence, firefighting, and pandemic control.

International sales subject to New Zealand Government Export Controls.



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Yukon / Pulsar European binoculars, rifle scopes, range finders & spotting scopes.

Foco-Optik Exclusive

Hunters and pest controllers
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